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Welcome Back

I am delighted and excited to welcome you and your children back to Harehills Primary School as your new Head teacher. Over the summer holidays we have been busy decorating inside school and extending the Office so that we can support you more effectively. This work will not be complete until Half term so please take extra care when walking around the building. Follow the signs!

The main entrance changes are finished and you can reach the main school office where you will notice much more space. 

I know like us as at school you want the best for your child. To help make sure they make the most progress they can please can we ask for your support with three things

    1. ATTENDANCE - Every day really does count
    2. UNIFORM - Children really feel they belong when they are dressed in uniform and it helps them feel part of our school
    3. P.E. kits - To make sure your child is safe when they do any Sporting activity

All the staff here at Harehills Primary school hope your child has a happy first week back at school with their new teacher in their new classroom. You will be receiving an invite to pop-in and have a look very soon!

look forward to sharing some "magic moments" from around Harehills Primary school next week
Thank you for working with us for your child.