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Posts from: January 2019

HeadLines - 28th January 2018

The joy of performing

I absolutely loved the experience of watching the children who had attended Young Voices 2019 at Sheffield Arena perform in Harehills Arena (our Hall) on Friday afternoon;  a wonderful end to another week filled with high quality learning.

Being able to perform in front of hundreds of children and adults is a real test of character and the children exuded confidence...

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HeadLines - 21st January 2019

Safe as houses: the power to speak up 👍

"The power of one who stands with courage" are the final lyrics of our school 'Safe as houses' song. Every year in January Miss Melling and Mrs Haywood launch our "Safe as houses" project which aims at reminding our children of how they can keep themselves safe, as well as helping to keep others safe. They always manage to find a creative way to...

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HeadLines - 14th January 2019

Inspirational learning

We are committed to engaging our children in learning by making it as interesting and exciting as possible. Across school children started the new term with an inspirational starter lesson planned to capture their imagination and 'hook' them into wanting to ask questions and find out more.

I was delighted to join Year 5 presiding over the mock courtroom as a judge...

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