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Posts from: October 2017

HeadLines - 16th October 2017

Life skills

Last week all three Year 6 classes went on a trip to Malham. This is a trip which allows them to show their skills by working as a team collaborating and finding ways to make it to the top. It also tests each child's ability to persevere and be resilient. Life experiences such as this are invaluable in helping shape a child into an adult who will be able to participate fully in...

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HeadLines - 9th October 2017

Developing Reading

Last week our Strategic Leadership team went into classes throughout school observing teaching and learning in Reading. It was wonderful to see children inspired and engaged in high quality guided reading sessions. Adults are key to helping children understand how books work by 'reading aloud' and 'thinking aloud'. Our children are very lucky to have other adults in their...

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HeadLines - 2nd October 2017


It costs nothing to be kind to others but means such a lot. Darfield 2 children led our assembly and acted out the story of "The Smartest Giant in town," who just happened to be the kindest person in town as well. Their assembly explained what kindness is and how people feel when you are kind to them. At the end of their assembly the children set a challenge for all the other classes...

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