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Posts from: June 2016

HeadLines - 27th June 2016

How? Why? When? What? 

Science is.... amazing, exciting, unpredictable, mad, brilliant are just a few of the adjectives children used to describe Science during our Science week last week. It was great to see every class absorbed in investigating, experimenting, predicting and having fun with Science. 

A huge thank you to Mrs Sharif (now known as Sharp-minded Sharif) and Miss Leckenby whose...

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HeadLines - 20th June 2016

Early Years; giving our children the best start

Miss Pallas, Assistant Headteacher for Early Years and Miss Melling, Year group leader for Reception (F2) were thrilled to be able to see another improvement this year in achievement for our children in the Ashton classes.

They have demonstrated what outstanding leaders they are. The way the whole Foundation 2 team have assessed, moderated,...

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HeadLines - 13th June 2016

Red, white and blue 

Harehills Primary school was dressed in red, white and blue last Friday. We wanted to show how patriotic we are and mark the Queen's official 90th birthday in our own way. Some staff and children made or wore hats and I spotted flowers and hair bands in all three colours. it was fantastic to see the union jack wherever I looked. During the afternoon all classes had a...

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HeadLines - 6th June 2016

Euro 2016 team champions

In assembly this week I will be setting a challenge for all classes in school. They will be asked to 'champion' a team for the duration of the Euro 2016 football championships. As part of this, the class will have some key things to find out about the country they are supporting; including the capital city, national anthem, main language spoken language, traditional...

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