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Posts from: May 2016

HeadLines - 23rd May 2016

The "H" Factor

My aim has always been to create a happy school; a place where staff and children want to come to work and learn every day. People from Liverpool and Manchester have contacted us this week praising our website and the ethos it conveys.

"It comes across as a caring and co-operative school that puts the best interests of the children its core", one review commented. Another said...

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HeadLines - 16th May 2016

Rising to the challenge 

Year 6 children showed 'true grit' and strength of character during the Key Stage 2 SATS week and I felt so proud of every single one of them. Faced with tests that would have tested children who have spoken English since birth, our children; the vast majority having English as an additional language, kept their focus, self belief and confidence.

Whilst walking...

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HeadLines - 9th May 2016

Positive relationships 

It has been a joy to watch our staff buddies meet with their Year 6 children and show an interest in the progress each individual child has made this academic year. Thursday was a really special day when all our 1:1 Readers took time to coach and support the child they will read to in the SATS this week. The relationships which have been established are heart warming...

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HeadLines - 3rd May 2016

Creativity; thinking out of the box

It never ceases to amaze me how creative our teachers are at Harehills Primary school. Last week, children in Foundation 2 arrived in school to find a giant asleep on their carpet snoring loudly! They couldn't wait to tell me all about it and when I visited their classroom they were busy dressing him in school uniform because 'that's what he needs to wear...

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