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8th November 2021

Another happy start to a half term 🙂

It's been another very happy start to a half term. We may have seen a whole range of weather and it is getting dark before we leave, but the positive, busy vibe across school helps to put a smile on everyone's faces 🙂

All classes spent time talking about ways to keep themselves safe if they were intending to go to a bonfire or fireworks display - so important to do this with many dangers at this time of the year.

At the end of the week every Key Phase held their weekly celebration assembly. There is always so much to share and celebrate including; birthdays; attendance; star of the week; 'caught you being good' rewards and class of the week for lining up. For Year 6 who are currently immersed in their Harry Potter theme, there is also house of the week, which on Friday went to Gryffindor. I am waiting to find out what the treat will be for Gryffindor because the sorting hat put me in this house.

Next week, Classopoly will return, when classes can roll the dice if they have achieved 100% attendance and move on the Classopoly board to win a class prize.

I love to watch the children with their fingers crossed hoping to be a winner. It is also wonderful to see how much they enjoy celebrating one another's success. These assemblies really are a special time and I am so glad we can do these face to face again in the Hall or Studio. 😊🌟