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8th March 2021

Ready, set, go - Monday 8th March is 'back to school day'

We have reached the end of this period of school closure and we are very much looking forward to seeing all the children bounce back into school this week. It will be wonderful to have all staff back in every day again as well. I know it will help us all to feel more optimistic about the future when we get back to our routines and re-establish the HPS family feel right across the building.

Staff have been fantastic, working so hard to have school ready for fully opening once again. The whole building looks great. 👏👏👏

Last Thursday we had a Covid-19 Health and Safety audit. The timing of this was perfect with us getting ready to re-open fully again. In true HPS style we really impressed Isaac Hewston the assessor who is from the local authority Health and Safety team. He identified best practice in all sections of the audit and used the word outstanding to describe what we do here. The innovative ways we have come up with to keep everyone safe on such a complex site really blew him away.

It has always been my intention to put in place anything we possibly can to make staff feel as comfortable as possible to come to work during a national pandemic, by minimising the risks of catching coronavirus as much as we can. I know Isaac could see this everywhere he went yesterday.

A huge thank you to Mrs Willshaw and Mr Wood for all the hard work they have done to make sure we have everything in place and for continuing to keep up to date with every change the government throws at us! I know how much time and effort they have put in.

Together we will continue to keep HPS a happy safe place to be.😊