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5th October 2014

Definitely diverse

This year's October Pupil Census shows we have 33 languages spoken in our school and children belong to 22 different ethnic groups. Add into that the fact we had 718 pupils on Census day and we can truly celebrate the fact that we remain a large, diverse, dynamic school with so much to bring from our community and our life experiences which cannot fail to enhance our learning.

Keeping Healthy

After submitting a School Health check we demonstrated that our school is still meeting the requirements to maintain Healthy Schools Status. It is very encouraging to know that we are continuing to embed and improve provision against the four core areas of health and wellbeing. A special thank you to Miss Bradshaw for all the work she does leading on this important agenda item for children and young people.

The love of learning factor

All member of the Strategic Leadership team have enjoyed spending time in lessons this week. It has been a joy to see children talking about their learning and enjoying every minute of acquiring knowledge and skills. Happy children making progress is what we are here to deliver so well done to the staff team.