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5th March 2018

Freezing outside but plenty of warmth inside

As we begin to get back to normal after a period of school being closed due to such severe weather it is comforting to reflect back on events at the beginning of last week. 

Sandhurst 3 (Year 6) performed a wonderful class assembly all about the ethos of waiting for what you want by being patience, being resilient, persevering and making sure you are motivated. The assembly included mini sections of drama and all the children were incredibly confident. For many of the children this would have been the seventh class assembly they had taken part in during their time at our school and will be the final one.

They ended the assembly very powerfully by singing the song, " Something inside so strong" complete with actions. This was very impressive with every child totally in sync and showing the appropriate emotion for the lyrics.

I know that their messages were definitely clear and strong. Well done Sandhurst 3 😊