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5th Feb 2018

Inspirational starter lessons

One of the aims of our Harehills Curriculum is to offer high quality learning that will inspire, motivate and challenge all learners. There was evidence of this in abundance last week. 

  • Year 2 staff staged a mock fire as part of their theme, 'Who left the oven on' and ended the week with a visit from the fire brigade. 
  • Year 6 team created an incident where a member of staff's car had been damaged in our car park. This launched a full scale investigation with clues everywhere! 
  • Year 3 children had a visit from the past when Boudicca swept into their classrooms ready to be interrogated.
  • Year 1 and Early Years team performed a very entertaining version of the story of The Three Little Pigs. 

There were speaking and listening opportunities everywhere and a real stimulus for the children to want to write.

The wide eyed, smiling faces on our children along with the gasps of amazement were worth every minute it will have taken to plan these experiences.

We are so lucky to have such a talented team of creative teachers who want to make learning fun and really live and breathe our motto of, 'Learn, Laugh, Love'.