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4th October 2021

A whole lot of History and a little bit of magic 🧙‍♀️✨📜🏰

There was a quiet buzz of excitement in the corridor outside my office on Friday and when I asked what was happening, Year 6 children told me they were off to Hogwarts. I decided to follow them to find out more. Ou school hall had been transformed into the Great Hall at Hogwarts and the children had been invited to attend the sorting hat ceremony. What a magical morning they had crammed with so many learning opportunities. And that is just the start of their Wizard or Muggle theme!

Meanwhile, Year 5 children had travelled to The Royal Armouries to immerse themselves in History for their theme which is all about World War 2. When they returned in the afternoon, they couldn't wait to tell me about their day out and all they had learned. Class assemblies focus was Black History month which we celebrate every October. We also recognise the importance and significance of Black lives all through the year, including displaying timelines and quote posters so that children can understand the significant part Black people have played and continue to play in our world.

Finding a hook into learning is key to inspiring and informing children and I know our experienced staff team are always finding new and exciting ways to do this.