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30th April 2018

Something different

In last week's family assemblies Mrs Lee our Deputy Headteacher and Mr Ali our Attendance and Admissions Manager launched 'Classopoly'; an exciting game based on the classic Monopoly which allows all classes with 100% attendance to roll the dice and win a prize. We are all very excited to see who will roll that dice tomorrow and what their prize will be!

A new list of before/during or after school clubs was released last week as well which includes something for everybody. This week the clubs start and I am really looking forward to popping in to: Just Dance; Mathletics; Let's get cooking; Ukuleles; Book club and Athletics to name just a few on offer. We are very lucky to have enthusiastic staff who are keen and willing to run these clubs for our children, offering new experiences for them to enjoy. 


I am proud of the broad range of clubs we offer and I know we are always looking for something different that we haven't tried before 😊