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2nd March 2015

Understanding British democracy, Harehills Primary style!

Year 5 children began their new theme "Who stole....?" with a mock court case. What better way to inspire children to learn than to involve them as jurors in a case about the theft of jewellery and cash from a certain Mrs Peacock of Cluedo fame.
Our talented Year 5 teachers delighted the children by acting as various witnesses as well as donning wigs and gowns to become the judge and both defence and prosecution lawyers.
It was a pleasure to listen to the children as they debated the evidence, taking notes and building up a picture from the clues they were given. They later deliberated over which character was guilty, allowing them to use so many key skills, knowledge and understanding.

Most definitely an Oscar winning performance!

Wild Animals in Harehills?

Wearing Safari hats and carrying binoculars, Year 3 children were spotted roaming the school grounds on the trail of different wild animals! Rumours of tigers, elephants and meerkats had excited them and they were following clues and evidence to find these animals.
Working together exploring and reading for a purpose they had a great afternoon.

Yet another example of how we learn, laugh and love at our school.