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2nd July 2018

Fantastic progress in Reading

Last week I was wowed by the knowledge, understanding, enthusiasm and professionalism shown in our staff professional development meeting on Wednesday night which focused on progression in Reading right across school. It is incredible how far we have come on our Reading journey since Miss Pallas and Mrs Kane did a Reading audit early in autumn term 2017 to find out what the 'Reading menu' looked like at Harehills Primary school.

It is wonderful to have a staff team who accept feedback openly and then go above and beyond to ensure that what we offer our children is nothing but the best. The desire to be innovative and to find a way to help even the most reluctant readers is something I applaud.

Add in the improved outcomes for teacher assessment in Reading for Year 2 and Year 6 children and we have the proof of what we are doing works 😊

We are taking time to reflect on what has been achieved and feel proud of our amazing school. Our staff will be looking to consolidate what has worked well this year and take it to the next step in 2018-2019.