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29th September 2014

Every day really does count!

When we came back to school in September I said Attendance was to be an "Obsession" for Harehills Primary and I am pleased to see everyone has responded to this. Whole school levels of Attendance for the last two weeks have been 98%. That means most of our children have been at school every day learning. Lets keep on going!

Showing we care

The first charity we have chosen to support this year is Macmillan Cancer care. It was lovely to see parents and staff taking time to socialise with a coffee and some very tasty looking cakes and all for such a deserving cause. We raised in excess of £150 so thank you for showing you care.

The Great outdoors

Our brand new children in Ashton 1,2 and 3 jumped aboard our minibuses and went off exploring in Roundhay park. Learning outside really is fun and they discovered a great deal about nature at this time of year as well as having some healthy exercise walking around in the sunshine.

More "laughing" and "loving" learning next week