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29th November 2021

Manner weeks

Last week it was Manners week in school. We pride ourselves on our children having good manners and this is something that we have fostered over the years. Visitors will often comment on how polite our children are. When they are out of school on trips, members of the public often stop staff to speak about how well behaved the group is and staff at the venues say what a pleasure it is to have them visiting.

During the week class teachers spent time reminding children about what good manners look like and shared the school Manners poster with them.

The poster is signed by me on behalf of the leadership team and then signed by the teacher and all children in the class. Once complete it is displayed in classrooms near or on the Personal development working wall as a point of reference.

During the week all staff took time to particularly look out for children who were using good manners and praised them for doing so.
After Anti-bullying week when we focused on saying kind words to one another, manners week seemed to be perfectly timed to compliment childrens' learning.

This week we will see school beginning to look festive, so watch this space....