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29th March 2021

A sense of wellbeing

We have reached the end of another very positive week at HPS. It might only be the end of three full weeks with everyone back in school, but there is sense of calm wherever I go, and I can see children who look so content and engaged in whatever they are doing. ,p> I really enjoy spending time at the gates at the start of the day and when children go home because it gives me a chance to chat to them and find out what they enjoy in their classes. They are always keen to tell me about their learning be it reading to help them crack the case of the missing necklace, Science experiments, painting, or the workout they've just done in PE.

We very much encourage children to share their thoughts and opinions and it is evident how much they value doing this in a safe and nurturing environment. As we move into a period of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions in society it will be even more important to have clear communications for our whole school community.

I know how much effort and love the staff team put into making every day feel special - you can certainly see the impact. 😊