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28th March 2022

A productive week full of sunshine 😎

The sunshine seems to have kept us all going during another very busy week 🌞 It has been a real joy this week to watch our Year 2 children tackle their Mock SATs. Thank you to the Year 2 team for a supremely well organised week which has enabled every child to feel confident about 'having a go' - I think they have enjoyed the experience.

I have also been impressed by the wonderful artwork created for the project that celebrates the houses in which our children live. The display in the hall is amazing and I know there are lots of ideas out there for how we might display this art in a more permanent way around school. I am so proud of all the children's work that is now on display in SHINE as part of an exhibition created by Leeds Animation. The exhibition will be on until 4th April and is well worth seeing.

Meanwhile children from Year 6 have been practising ready to present at this year's Arooj Creative Writing celebration event at the Civic Hall next week.

I am looking forward to the final week of this half term and all that we have planned.