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27th April 2015

Young historians, inspired to learn

Summer term has begun with some fun inspirational starter lessons. Year 2 children enjoyed the fun of a Victorian seaside experience, including tasting cockles! As young historians they will be able to compare the seaside of the past with seaside visits for 21st century children when they go on their trip to Scarborough next week. Year 3 got a taste of life for Eqyptians with a visitor which included a whole range of fun activities. They are really excited to follow lines of enquiry about all aspects of Ancient Eqypt. Our Harehills Primary themes include real life experiences wherever possible and if it isn't possible our creative staff team look at ways to offer a taster of the past to our children. It is wonderful to see the development of key knowledge and skills as our children investigate, question and discover!

Meanwhile Year 5 are settling in to the future in brand new classrooms. They are delighted with the bigger, brighter and much more purposeful classroom spaces which will allow them to have even higher expectations of what they can achieve. Environments are so important for us all in feeling valued, safe and inspired. We are working hard to improve our learning environments inside and outside of school. Watch this space for "Give and Gain" day when @50 volunteers from local businesses will be doing just that!