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23rd November 2020


Since we re-opened school in September, our teachers have taken time to assess the gaps in learning for all children in their classes that have occurred due to the time children were unable to come into school when the country was in lockdown. Much of the work done to help children to catch up will happen through careful adjustments to planning for whole class teaching and focused support within class bubbles.

The government has given us an amount of money called the Catch-up premium grant which we can use in a way that works for our school to help support children to catch up in their basic skills. We obviously want to use this money wisely so that it can help us have the most impact on children's progress.

Last week we have started our 'Reading Squad' initiative which is one strategy within our catch-up plans. It was wonderful to see staff and children so engaged in reading when I whizzed around all the Year 5 and 6 class bases on Tuesday. I look forward to looking in from afar when Year 1- 4 start their sessions this week.

This is a massive undertaking, and we have 30 members of staff taking part and this will enable 180 children to catch up on their basic reading skills. Fantastic 👍😁