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23rd January 2017

Harehills Young Voices 2017 live 

We turned our school hall into a music arena last week to recreate the experience 47 children and 7 adults had had in the Sheffield Arena on Thursday 12th January when they travelled to be part of Young Voices 2017. 

The atmosphere was electric, with lighting matching the beat and lyrics of the songs the children sang. Mrs Jack talked about the event and children and staff shared their reflections of the day. 

Mrs Begum described 'a sense of belonging' which had been so powerful with ~5,000 children and adults singing together as one massive choir. Harehills Young Voices recreated that feeling in our hall and we were all swept away by the magic of song and the overwhelming sense of joy that filled the room. It was a wonderful sight to see hundreds of children, staff and families joining in singing and enthusiastically 'having a go' at the actions too. 

Music can be so incredibly uplifting and I am so glad we made time to celebrate Young Voices 2017. I have a feeling that we will have a lot of children and staff wanting to be part of Young Voices 2018!