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22nd November 2021

Anti-bullying and Children in Need 2021

Every November during Anti-Bullying week we focus on supporting children to be aware of how we can stop bullying, and if it does happen how they can get help. We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying at Harehills Primary school. Throughout the week classes have been engaged in a range of fun activties which have allowed for plenty of time to talk. Every class has filmed a short video of them sharing kind words with one another. Even SLT filmed themselves at their meeting saying kind things to Mrs McMullen on her birthday. What a lovely thing to share 🙂

From odd socks day, 'one kind word', 'together we can' solve anything, and a whole lot of 'added sparkle', it's been an exciting week from start to finish. It must be great to be a primary school child being able to join in all the fun and know it is all part of learning. 🙂

It just about sums up our school motto learn, laugh, love, doesn't it?