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21st May 2018

Strength of character

You can learn a great deal about a person by noticing the way they approach a challenge and I watched our Year 6 children demonstrate 'true grit' and determination during a very long and demanding week of SATs. I couldn't have been more proud of them. Faced with tests that would have tested children who have spoken English since birth, our children; the vast majority having English as an additional language, kept their focus, self belief and confidence.

Whilst walking around all test bases, I was amazed by the range of strategies used and the detailed working out shown in the Maths papers. Our children have valued and learned from the opportunities given to them at Easter school and Booster clubs after school.

A huge thank you goes to the Year 6 team led by the talented Mrs McMullen and all staff who have played their part in preparing the children to sit these tests. I hope the results will truly reflect the effort, knowledge and skills that our children possess because they deserve to do well.