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20th September 2021

On the road to curriculum recovery

It's that time of the week again when I stand back and reflect on what we achieved at school last week. I seem to have referred to education recovery a great deal during the week and from what I have seen and heard we continue to make careful, well-informed decisions to address every aspect of recovery for our children.

Over the last fortnight in our teacher professional development meetings, subject leaders have unpicked the key areas to focus on, so that vital gaps in knowedge and skills are addressed for all children. This takes very careful planning, including creative use of time and resources. I am so relieved that the planning for all subjects/aspects in our Harehills Curriculum was in such a strong place pre-pandemic, because this has helped us to plan now for the recovery of the broad and balanced curriculum that we have always been committed to.

With fewer restrictions to adhere to it is so wonderful to be planning more things face to face and venturing out of school on trips again 😁.

I want to thank all of our school community for what they are doing to bring back that sense of normality in such a considered way.