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20th May 2019

Exemplary 👏👏

KS2 SATS week 2019 took place last week andfrom start, to finish everything was carried out to perfection. Eighty seven children taking six tests over four days sounds like a big ask but when you have a dedicated staff team committed to enabling children to achieve theirbest possible outcomes then anything is possible!

Mrs McMullen and Mr Khan led this massive operation in a calm, purposeful and organised way. The entire Year 6 team supporting by the wider staff did a fantastic job motivating every childso that they felt confident and ready to take on the challenge.

The children's attitude was exemplary throughout the week. it was wonderful to watch them keep focused and remain resilient and enthusiastic day after day.

I hope that our children will get the results they truly deserve because they couldn't have tried any harder and I feel very proud of each and every one of them.

This week Year 2 will take their Reading tests it's their opportunity to show the progress they have made since starting in KS1.

Good luck children, you will be great! 😊