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18th October 2021

Wonderful experiences

I continue to be wowed by the exciting learning opportunities teachers offer our children. From owls to sleepovers the list of experiences is endless and the smiles on children's faces tell me just how much they love taking part.😁 Staff are very conscious of the many things children missed during three national lockdowns and they are determined to try and recover whatever they can. 'Learn, laugh, love' is our motto and that is exactly what Year 6 children were doing when I visited them at their games and sleepover night in school last Thursday. What a wonderful way to enable children to work together, find out more about one another and the staff who work with them - simply fantastic! Thank you so much Year 6 staff team for all the time that went into planning and organising this, and for giving up precious sleep to stay over with the children.🤔😂

We are counting down the days until the October half term break and we only have 4 to go this week! All year groups will be celebrating Harvest around the world by finding out about what foods different countries harvest and when harvest takes place. Every class has been asked to bring in different tinned or packaged foods to make up harvest food bags which we will give to families in our local community.

I am looking forward to another happy week at HPS 😊