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18th Jan 2021

Zoom meets, laptops, and a whole lot of snow 👬❄️

We reached the end of week 2 of another lockdown finding ourselves in a winter wonderland when Leeds was covered in snow. Once again, the HPS staff have all been fantastic in responding to whatever they have been asked to do 👍😊

We were really pleased to be opening the Early Years, KS1 and KS2 bubbles offering provision for our children of critical workers as well as some of our most vulnerable learners. From the admin team to year group teams, the flexibility shown daily with changes in numbers has been fantastic.
Staff have put aside their anxiety about the risks they face working directly with children and SLT have put everything in place that we possibly can to try and help everyone feel safe.

Year 3 and 5 piloted new ways of engaging with our children such as Zoom meets with Year 1 and 2 trying out the Class dojo App

I am absolutely delighted that we have been able to give the first 12 DfE laptops to families. Mr Hall, our ICT Manager has done a great job securing these devices and getting them ready to distribute. With the support of our wonderful Computing team, we are in a strong position to get the remaining 47 laptops out very quickly when they arrive in school. Mrs McMullen and Mrs Marshall have already identified which families are most in need.✅

We have once again achieved a great deal and HPS continues to find new ways to be even more effective.