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17th November 2014

The perfect role models

When staff refer to children as "great role model", "engaging in everything", "work hard", "excellent attitude to learning", "great sense of humour", "kind" you know that they are the perfect choices for Head Girl and Boy and Deputy Head Girl and Boy.
I am proud to announce that for 2014-15 Tasneem Elforjani (Sandhurst 3) is our new Head Girl and Umayir Hussain (Sandhurst 1) is our new Head Boy. Faiza Rani Sarfraz (Sandhurst 1) is our new Deputy Head Girl and Hubert Wieczorek (Sandhurst 3) is our new Deputy Head Boy. Congratulations to all four children and I know they will be excellent in their new roles.

Come join our clubs!

Since the beginning of this half term we have been looking at extending the school clubs we offer before, during or after school. We want to offer something for everyone! Last week saw the launch of two new clubs, The B.U.G. club (just for girls) and Computer Club. Coming soon are a Health and Beauty club as well as more opportunities for Reading clubs. Adding to the ever popular Year 6 Guitar Club and Juggling club amongst a whole host of other clubs we are continually looking for new clubs which will allow our children to "learn" by "loving" what they do and "laughing" while they do it! For more information about clubs please click on the Teaching and Learning tab where you will find an Extra- curricular tab.