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17th June 2019

Our amazing children 😁👏👏

I am often asked what are our priorities for the children in our school and always reply that we ant to create happy, confident individuals who are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to operate in today's world. This week our children have shone in so many different ways because they have the necessary things in place....

  • Early Years - During our external review of the quality of early years the visiting School Improvement Advisor Helen Davey commented that she had never seen children as engaged in learning as they are at HPS anywhere else.😁
  • Debating - 2 of our Debating teams competed in the Leeds Debating Final, showcased their skills and brought home a bronze medal. ✨👏
  • Year 5 - Luxor 2 children visited Kirkgate market and several members of the public commented on their excellent behaviour and manners. 👏
  • Year 4 - Elford 3 children displayed confidence and organisational skills whilst delivering their class assembly.😎👍
  • Year 1 - Took on the Phonics screening check showing resilience and confidence in abundance. 👏
  • MindMate Ambassadors accompanied by Mrs Lee represented our school in style at MindMate's 5th birthday celebrations. 👍

Simply fantastic!