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16th January 2017

Creating a chain reaction

Every January we launch our "Safe as houses" project which aims at reminding children of how they can keep themselves safe, as well as helping to keep others safe. Miss Melling and Mrs Haywood always find a creative way to involve our children and make sure important messages are understood. This year we are creating a 'chain reaction'. Every child in every class, along with staff have been asked to write a pledge on a link and the links will be joined together to form a chain. The pledge must be about something they will do to help keep themselves, others or our Harehills community safe. Once complete, the chains will be displayed in shared areas so that everyone can read what children or staff have written as their pledge.

The 'power of one who stands with courage' is a key message we discuss with our children and it is reinforced by our school 'Safe as houses' song. Our chain reaction will be another wonderful way of showing how we are committed to keeping everyone safe and recognising that we all have to take responsibility for doing so.