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15th May 2017

Tested to the limits

Last week was probably one of the busiest weeks we have had this year, but at the same time one of the most rewarding. Our Year 6 children amazed and delighted me with how they managed to take a week of SATs coolly and calmly in their stride. At the same time I observed the true team spirit that exists within our school which is always so evident when it is most needed. Our staff team never fail to offer support, encouragement, cups of tea, treats or whatever is required!

The icing on the cake was an incredibly successful Early Years Moderation visit on Friday morning. Both Moderators were very impressed with the Early Years team and rightly complimentary about the high quality of provision we have created.

Harehills Primary school is very lucky to have the wonderfully talented leadership of both Mrs McMullen and Miss Pallas, leading by example and ensuring that these key moments in school life happen seamlessly.

Time to wish Year 2 children good luck for their SATs tests which begin on Tuesday 16th May. It is your time in the spotlight and I know you will rise to the occasion