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15th Jan 2018

'Safe as houses'

Last Monday Miss Melling and Mrs Haywood launched our annual 'Safe as Houses' project in both our family assemblies. I had talked about new year resolutions and the determination needed to ensure that we succeed in achieving them. It was the perfect time to ask children to make a pledge to keep themselves safe and to help others to keep themselves safe as well.

This year there is a specific focus for every year group:


  • Reception - Positive relationships - how to make friends, how to be a good friend and appropriate behaviour towards others.
  • Year 1 & 2 Stranger Danger.
  • Year 3 & 4 Peer Pressure - being able to say no when you feel unsafe or standing up for others.
  • Year 5 & 6 Internet and Technology Safety - keeping yourself safe and how to support others to be safe.

Every child and adult in school will make a double sided link to add to a chain.

  • Side 1 will contain a promise to yourself on how you pledge to keep yourself safe.
  • Side 2 will contain a promise on how you might keep others safe.

By the end of this half term there will be chains hanging in every year group where you will be able to see the promises that have been made.

My promise is to make sure I maintain a culture of vigilance to help keep the children and staff safe at Harehills Primary School.