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15th Feb 2021

A message of thanks

We have reached the end of this half term and another six weeks of lockdown. It has been a half term that has thrown everything at us including, severe weather, lateral flow testing of staff, endless risk assessments - the list goes on! And through it all the spirit of the HPS family has shone brightly, helping everyone to get through even the most difficult of days. Thank you for everything you have done to keep our children' learning, laughing and loving'. Never underestimate the positive impact you have had on supporting others.😊👍

This week we have had a wellbeing week in school, and it involved time allocated for staff to focus on doing things that make them feel calm, happy, and relaxed. After half term we will continue to focus on wellbeing and in the children's next home learning pack, we will include some specific activities to help their wellbeing. Please remember that the Learning at Home page on the website includes links to a range of resources. We have just launched a new website page called ‘Web of Wellbeing’ which has lots of lovely ideas to support the wellbeing of children, staff, and families.
(both pages can be found under the Families tab on the home page of the school website)

Over half term it is important for us all to stop for a while, rest, relax and get some headspace away from school or home learning and the intensity of working/living in strict systems of control. We are all limited to what we can do now, but find things that make you feel calm, happy, and relaxed to enjoy over the next week.

Happy half term 😊