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14th January 2019

Inspirational learning

We are committed to engaging our children in learning by making it as interesting and exciting as possible. Across school children started the new term with an inspirational starter lesson planned to capture their imagination and 'hook' them into wanting to ask questions and find out more.

I was delighted to join Year 5 presiding over the mock courtroom as a judge complete with my wig and half rimmed glasses. The theme for this half term is, "Can you crack the case?" and the children were totally immersed in spotting the key evidence when staff members playing roles of witnesses in the trial took the stand. 

Meanwhile in Year 2 the younger children were also investigating the mystery of how a pizza had got burnt in the staffroom oven and caused a fire. This is part of their theme, " Who left the oven on?" They were all buzzing and on Friday one of Year 2 children told me emphatically that after looking at all the evidence Mr Matthews was responsible for this mess! 

Back in Year 5 it looks like the ditsy Miss Scarlett is in the frame for the robbery at the bank.


These are just two wonderful examples of the exciting, thought provoking learning taking place in school. Oh how I wish I could go back to primary school as a child 😉