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14th December 2020

Sparkle and Shine ✨

On my advent calendar it says, "2020 might be different but there is still chance to add some fizz, sparkle and energy to boost your world" and on Friday I saw enough glitter, tinsel, and sparkle in school to put a big smile on my face. We decided to 'get our sparkle on' and raise money for the NSPCC. Our children and their families are always very generous when asked to help others and I know the children and staff really enjoyed wearing, glitter, tinsel and shiny clothes.

Last week our 'virtual' festivities included F2 and Year 2 children having a 'virtual' visit to church at Christmas and all classes have enjoyed the digital pantomime The National Elf Service.

Christmas in a primary school is a very special time of year and always produces moments that are totally wonderful, and it is fantastic that our staff team found ways to make school feel very festive despite the Covid-19 restrictions we have to adhere to.

I am looking forward to all the fun and laughter I will hear when every class bubble have their Christmas party this week. 🎉🎈🎊🎄