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13th November 2017

Circles of friendship

Bexley 1 children did a wonderful job of showing us just what it means to be a good friend when they performed their assembly last Monday. They amazed their audiences by confidently acting out the story of "Six Dinner Sid" and showed us clips of how they make sure they are a good friend to other class members which had been filmed in their classroom and outside in our playground.

The week finished with us observing the act of Remembrance for all those killed in wars. Every year it is a truly poignant sight to see over 700 children and ~100 staff joining hands and forming circles to show respect by observing the traditional 2 minutes silence. 

Gathering together in circles is a special thing for our school and one of the many ways we try to ensure that our very large school still manages to have a family feel to it.

Circles of friendship are symbolic of equality and togetherness. As we approach Anti-bullying week with this year's slogan of 'All different; All equal', the sight of so many circles of friendship, including young and old couldn't have been more powerful.