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12th March 2018

Perseverance and resilience; What do they look like?
If you have ever wondered what perseverance and resilience look like in real life then you needed to visit school last week. During our KS2 Mock SATs week we were challenged by yet another day of severe weather and school had to close but we didn't let it deter us from completing the week of tests. Our entire school community pulled together to make sure the show went on. On Friday we staged a Maths 'SATSathon' and completed all 3 Maths test papers in one day. I was just in awe as I watched our Year 6  children ooze perseverance and resilience and sheer determination throughout the day. At the same time our fantastic staff were totally flexible so that all 1:1 Readers and other staff involved in this massive operation could be released to support our children. It was a real example of the family/team spirit that exists at Harehills Primary School as well as the total commitment to enabling our children to achieve their potential. Thank you to the incredible organisational skills of Mrs McMullen and the Year 6 team for making it happen.
It was a week when I was almost speechless (which is very rare) and can simply be summed up by saying, "Wow!"