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12th June 2017

Personal, Social, Health Education: Building the foundations for the future

At Harehills Primary we recognise that investing quality time on personal, social, health education has a massive impact on a child and the adult they will become. On Thursday we had some fantastic PSHE staff training delivered by our talented leaders, Mrs McMullen and Miss Melling. This began with all staff being treated to some strategies for wellbeing including mindfulness. In this crazy, fast paced world we live and work in we need to ensure that children and adults take time to reflect, relax and 'switch off'. 

It is schools role to teach children key skills, knowledge and understanding from all aspects of PSHE, some of which touch on difficult and sensitive issues, and we pride ourselves on the high standard of teaching and learning we offer here. I am delighted that Mindmate lessons, which cover mental health, will feature within our PSHE curriculum next academic year and have already started in some year groups.

We are in the half term when all children begin their transition to the next year group, or if you are in Year 6 to high school. We are committed to preparing our children with all that they need for the next step of their life journey.