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11th Jan 2021

What a week! 😩

I am typing this after reaching the end of our first week of another lockdown and feeling, as I am sure our staff and our families do, mentally and physically exhausted. As is sadly often the case in education we have had changes sprung on us with little or no notice and been expected to just get on with it! I know this has caused frustration for you all and it is important that we work together at the moment more than ever.

Remember, Harehills Primary school has an incredibly talented and caring SLT team who are always ready to support you and sort out any issues.

I cannot believe quite how much we have put in place in such a short amount of time 👍😊 In just 4 days after the Prime Minister announced another national lockdown our staff team has:

  • created distance learning packs for @629 children and our top rate 'HPS Deliveroo' service has delivered these right to the door of some very happy customers! 👏👏👏
  • checked what we have on offer for our children online on our website learning at home page and begun looking at ways to make this even better
  • made a phone call to every child to check in on how they are doing and talk to them about home learning
  • made sure that children eligible for free school meals have food
  • helped us put in place provision for vulnerable children and children of critical workers from next week. (an updated timetable for w/c 11th Jan will be sent out on Monday)
  • looked after one another in true HPS style 😁💕

School will continue to work tirelessly to support our children and their families and I will keep you updated with what is happening, particularly regarding our remote learning offer.

Take care of one another and stay safe.