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Governor's Mission Statement
We believe the children at Harehills Primary School have the right to the best education, that they enjoy learning and develop their individual talents to the full. Our children will grow up equipped to live and work in the community and inspire others.

Governors Meetings Calendar 2018-19

Wednesday 14/11/2018 10am Resources Committee
Tuesday 20/11/2018 4pm Full Governing Board
Monday 26/11/2018 4pm Standards and Pupil Support Committee
Tuesday 22/01/2019 4pm Data Workshop Full Governing Board
Tuesday 12/02/2019 4pm Full Governing Board
Tuesday 16/04/2019 4pm Full Governing Board
Tuesday 09/07/2019 4pm Full Governing Board

Quote from a Governor:

"It was interesting to find out about the progress of all our children who require SEND support. The SENCO gave a very a comprehensive and informative presentation highlighting the effective practice happening right across school." (Standards & Pupil Support committee)

The school governors are a group of elected representatives chosen by the parents, the Local Authority (LA), the school teaching staff and the governing board. These people are willing to devote their time, enthusiasm and skill to governing the school.

On the 27th April 2015 Harehills Primary School governing board reconstituted to form a more cohesive and dynamic approach to ensuring that the school continues to develop and flourish.

The full governing board meet at least once a term. The sub committees are very active and meet regularily and include representatives from our Senior Leadership team.  


Meet our governing body and find out more about their roles and responsibilities:


Ms Julia Shemilt

Chair of Governors (Co-opted Governor)
Term of office: 28/04/2015 - 28/04/2019
Enhanced DBS checked

Roles - Chair of Resources Committee (including pay committee), Safeguarding/Child Protection and Performance Management, Children looked after, Health and Safety, Accountability for PE and Sports Funding, Head Teacher performance management.


My name is Julia Shemilt and I am proud to be the Chair of Governors at Harehills Primary. I have lived in the area for twenty five years and my children attended local schools. I work for the Local Authority in Children's Services HR and formerly Education Leeds and I have a good knowledge of schools in Leeds and the current trends in education. I am a qualified accountant and I lead the Resources Committee and look after the budget and the staffing for school.

As Chair I work very closely with the Headteacher to ensure that the school is performing well. This means making sure that the Head meets her performance targets and supporting and challenging her to educate and inspire our pupils and that the teachers and support staff work together to fulfil our vision for the school. I believe that our children have the right to the best education and that they should enjoy learning and grow up to live and work in the community and inspire others.


Ms Jenny Ryan

Ms Jenny Ryan 

Vice Chair of Governors, Joint Chair of Standards and Pupil Support Committee (Co-opted Governor)
Term of office: 28/04/2015 - 28/04/2019
Enhanced DBS checked

Roles - Key Phase Governor for Early Years, Early Years Pupil Premium Governor, Attendance Governor, Training Governor, Head Teacher performance management.  


My name is Jenny Ryan and I am a Co-opted Governor at Harehills Primary School. I know the area well and have worked in the Harehills community for more than seven years. I am joint chair for the Standards and Pupil Support Committee and feel very strongly that in order that children can achieve that they must be happy and ready to learn. Please contact me via the website if you have any questions or queries around your children’s well-being whilst they are at school.


Mr Sam Paechter

Mr Sam Paechter

Joint Chair of Standards and Pupil Support Committee (Local Authority Governor)
Term of office: 16/10/2018 - 16/10/2022 
Enhanced DBS checked

Roles - Key Phase Governor for Key Stage 1, SEN and Disabilities Governor, Equalities Governor, Head Teacher performance management. 


I have been involved with Harehills Primary since I began working here as a pottery teacher in 1995. I helped the children to make the many clay tiles you see around the school. I'm the joint chair of the Standards and Pupil Support Committee, and I'm also responsible for Special Educational Needs and Years 1 and 2.


Mrs Summerfield

Mrs Joanne Summerfield 

Head Teacher and Staff Governor
Term of office: 09/08/2004
Enhanced DBS checked

Roles -  Member of all Committees


I am Jo Summerfield, Head teacher at Harehills Primary and a School Governor.

I work in partnership with our Governors on all aspects of school life. I inform and advise the Governing body about children's progress and their levels of attendance and the quality of teaching and learning. It is very rewarding being part of such a dedicated and energetic group of governors who work tirelessly to make sure every child and their families have the best experience this school can offer.

I live in Roundhay with my husband and we have a son who is at a local high school and a daughter who is studying Medicine at Manchester University.

Spending quality time with my family and friends is really important to me. Travelling to new places is what I really enjoy and I love the freedom of sitting on a beach in the sunshine and breathing the sea air.


Mrs Lee

Mrs Joanne Lee

Associate School Governor
Term of office: 28/04/2015 - 28/04/2019 
Enhanced DBS checked 

Roles - Pupil Premium Funding Lead, Member of all Committees 


Hello, my name is Jo Lee, I am the Deputy Head teacher here at Harehills Primary School. I have been teaching since 2001 and have been lucky enough to teach throughout school and work in a variety of leadership roles.

No two days in school are the same and I am privileged to work with dedicated and hard working colleagues who are passionate about helping children to flourish and succeed in all they do. It is my job to enable every child at Harehills to be happy, enjoy learning and reach their full potential.

I am particularly passionate about developing children’s literacy skills, especially reading and phonics, I am also a huge advocate of learning through play, and I love looking for new ways to help make classrooms and the curriculum stimulating and exciting.

When I’m not at school I enjoy spending time with my husband, family and friends. I also enjoy reading, and when I have the time, I like to keep fit by going running, taking long walks and practising Yoga. 


Mrs Haywood

Mrs Janet Haywood

Support Staff Governor
Term of office: 26/04/2016 - 26/04/2020
Enhanced DBS check

Roles - Pupil Premium Governor, Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead, Member of the Standards and Pupil Support Committee, 2Gether Cluster Governor


I began working at Harehills Primary School in 1992 as a Special Needs Nursery Nurse until 1998 when I went to work at the NSPCC as a Family Support worker, supporting children and families in the 'looked after' system.

I came back to Harehills Primary in the year 2000 as Learning Mentor, and through gradual experience and promotion I now hold the position of Pastoral Care and Safeguarding Lead- co-ordinating all child protection matters and inclusion issues. I am Line Manager of the Pastoral Hub team.

I am school governor for support staff and have a responsibility for Years 5 & 6.


Annette Berry

Miss Annette Berry

Co-opted Staff  Governor
Term of office: 26/04/2016 - 26/04/2020
Enhanced DBS checked

Roles - Member of the Resources Committee, Member of the Standards and Pupil Support Committee, Pupil Premium Governor


Hello, my name is Annette Berry and I am the Harehills Primary School Staff Governor. I have worked at Harehills Primary School since I finished my PGCE six years ago and can't ever imagine working anywhere else! I love working in an environment which is as diverse as it is exciting. As part of my Governor role I am involved in the Resources Commitee and am Governor for Pupil Premium.
As well as being a Staff Governor, I am also the TLCP for Year 3 in school.


Mr Steven Wood

Mr Steven Wood

Associate Governor
Term of office: 18/09/2017 - 17/09/2022 
Enhanced DBS checked 

Roles - Year 6 Governor, School Council Governor, Member of the Resources Committee, Training Governor 


I have had the pleasure of working at Harehills Primary School for almost 30 wonderful years. I am currently employed as Estates Manager and I am the governor responsible for all aspects of Health and Safety.



Mrs Nighat Zia

Parent Governor
Term of office: 16/01/2018 - 16/01/2022
Enhanced DBS checked 

Roles - Rise and Shine Support Staff, Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant, Member of the Standard and Pupil Support Committee, Health and Safety Governor, Early Years Governor. 


Coming soon.


Dawn O'Keefe

Mrs Dawn O'Keefe

Co-opted Community Governor
Term of office: 24/04/2018 - 23/04/2022 

Roles - Member of Resources Committee, Year 6 Governor, Health and Safety Governor


I am Dawn O’Keefe, Managing Director and Co-founder of a Social Enterprise, SHINE, in Harehills and a School Governor.

SHINE’s mission is to raise aspirations and create opportunities for people.  SHINE has worked in partnership with Harehills Primary School on a number of initiatives including, providing theatre performances for the children and creating an edible garden at SHINE - where the children can learn about growing fruit and vegetables. 

I have worked in Harehills now for 11 years and have recently joined the board of Governors in April 2018.  I am excited about getting involved and helping to raise the aspirations of the children at the school.  I will be working with the board to keep up the great work of the Head and staff to make sure every child has the opportunity to succeed. 

I have a teenage son and volunteer with the PTA at his school.  I love walking in the Lakes and spending time with my family.



Miss Caroline Pallas

Miss Caroline Pallas

Associate Governor
Enhanced DBS checked 

Roles - Assistant Head Teacher EYFS, SEN and Disabilities Lead, Member of the Standard and Pupil Support Committee 


I have been a teacher since 2006 and I was a teacher governor from 2011 to 2016. I thoroughly enjoy working at such a forward thinking and exciting school. My educational interests are literacy and Early Years although I do enjoy working across the whole primary age range.

In my spare time I enjoy cycling, singing, and spending as much time as possible with my family and friends who are now scattered all over the country. 




Mr Martin Ruddy (Assistant Headteacher) - SLT link to Standards and Pupil Support Sub-committee

Mrs Joanne Marshall (Assistant Headteacher) - SLT link to Standards and Pupil Support Sub-committee

Mrs Catherine McMullen (Assistant Headteacher) - SLT link to Standards and Pupil Support Sub-committee, PE and Sports Premium Lead

Mr Karamjeet Bhuhi - Local Authority Clerk to Governing Body

Mrs Samantha Willshaw - Clerk to Sub-committees