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Creative Curriculum

Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2(KS2)  closely follow the legal requirements of the National Curriculum in England. This is taught through our bespoke Harehills Creative Curruclum. On overview of the curriculum for each subject and year group can be found by clicking the document below.

 Creative Curriculum Overview

KS1 follow letters and sounds in order to teach phonics with children completing a phonics screening check at the end of year 1. Children who do not pass this check revieve additional support in year 2, re-taking the check at the end of KS1. KS1 mainly uses the Oxford Reading Tree to support reading in school. This scheme is supplimented with other teaching resources where appropriate.

Our school has a computer suite that allows whole class teaching of computer skills. Computers are also sited in every classroom. All classes have interactive whiteboards. All our computers are linked to a network and they have broadband Internet access.

In our school, children work at levels appropriate to their individual abilities and needs. A flexible approach is adopted, which means that children may be taught individually, in groups and as a whole class, as appropriate. More formal whole class teaching is evident at the upper end of the school.