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Sandhurst 3

Hello Sandhurst 3! 

Miss Vickerman here! I am writing to you yet again from my living room. It is becoming so normal to type these messages to you as we now enter week 8 of school being shut.

This week, you would have been sitting your SATs exams. It has been a very different week to how we all imagined it would be. I know that you will be applying the same determination that you have shown for your learning all year, to everything you are doing at home now.

Today, I have been in school phoning lots of your families. I loved hearing your voices. 😊 Well done for working hard with your learning packs. I am glad that many of you have enjoyed the activities we have put into them. Remember if you have any questions, you can send an email to the year 6 team You might want to email an update of your learning. Keep chipping away at your packs. You are all doing so well!

Are you enjoying researching and learning about the Maya Civilisation. I have loved hearing about the learning you have been doing. Have you had a go at making a marble run game yet? Once you have made it, you can play with all your family!

I hope you are still managing to get some daily exercise as it is so important for your mental health as well as your physical health. Exercise releases endorphins into your body which make you feel happier and calmer. It also gives you more energy and motivates you to do more with your day. I have been using our rowing machine at home and I am continuing to do Joe Wicks’ workout at 9am each morning. Dan has been doing the work out too before he starts his day of work. I am still going for some walks as well but making sure I am socially distant from other members of the public. I am so pleased that many of you have been using your gardens to do a bit of exercise too. It will be great when we can get back to proper sport. I am missing our class Danish long-ball games!

As the weeks go by, I am missing my family more and more. I know this must be so difficult for many of you as well. I don’t live with my sisters and my parents, so I haven’t been able to visit them in person. However I am continuing to make more phone calls and video calls. I love speaking on video chats with them, as I feel like they are so much closer. It is nice to see them on the screen even though I cannot see them in person. I am also continuing to compete in quizzes with some of the other teachers over the internet. Miss Berry, Mrs Mann, Mrs Goodlad and Mrs Fleming all came first with a joint highest score of 24 this week! Four winners!

For those of you who like the Jeremy updates, he is doing well. He is currently sat on the floor, trying to play with my feet as I write this message. This is not helpful at all! I will put a photo at the bottom of this post. Unfortunately he had a bit of a disagreement with the cat next door, which lead to a trip to the vet. Thankfully he is absolutely fine after receiving some medicine for his injuries. He has had a fairly quiet week, spending a lot of time inside and snuggled up on his new blanket. He seems to think that the spare bedroom is his room. Maybe somebody needs to remind him that he is a CAT!


Continue to work hard and keep safe. Missing you all!

Love from, Miss Vickerman x