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Sandhurst 3- Miss Vickerman

Thursday 16th April 2020

Hello Sandhurst 3, it is Miss Vickerman again, writing to you from my living room. I hope you are all continuing to keep safe and stay indoors.

I know it feels very strange at the moment. It would have been our Easter holidays now and I hope you are managing to enjoy them in your homes with your families. I am continuing to read lots of books, make jigsaw puzzles and spend time with my family in my house. Jeremy has been enjoying the sunny weather of course. You know how he feels about being outside and he has loved running around all day. Sometimes he doesn’t want to come back in!

There are lots of things you can do in your home. I know lots of you will have been helping your families around the house. You will have been helping to cook and bake in your kitchens and learnt lots of important life skills. Well done for helping each other out in your home!

Our next theme would have been a history theme all about the Maya Civilisation. It is a fascinating period in history and there is lots of research you can do for it at home. I think you will enjoy learning about it.

Here are some useful websites you can use to do your research:      (there are some excellent videos on here)

After researching the time period, there are lots of things you can do with your new knowledge. Here are some ideas:

  • create a mind map of all your knowledge
  • create a timeline of the Maya civilisation and compare it to other periods of history
  • write a fact file
  • draw pictures or make models

You may also want to find some online books about the Mayans and stories set in Mayan civilisation. Kindle unlimited have an offer to read books for free for 2 months. Your parents may want to sign up for this on a phone or tablet. There are lots of children’s books to read, not just history ones.

I can’t wait to hear all about what you have learnt but also all your stories about what you are doing at the moment. I am still missing you all a lot. I look forward to when we can go back to school and I can giggle with you when something silly happens, listen to all your fun answers to the afternoon register and hear all your sporting updates from the playground.

Remember if you would like to tell me something or have any questions, you can send an email to the school email address:  Make it clear who your message is for, as everyone will send their message to the same email address.

Keep safe and I will write another blog message soon!

Miss Vickerman x


Here is a message from Mrs McMullen:

Hello everyone!

It goes without saying that we are all missing you very much – seeing your smiling, happy faces and sharing fun times and learning with you. However, I know that your teachers have kept you busy with all the work in your distance learning packs and also with the links and activities they’ve set you on the website or via class blogs.

These are strange times indeed but I know that you will be looking after your family and keeping yourselves safe by staying indoors, apart from getting your fresh air and exercise once a day. I’ve been keeping up with my running (3km most days!) and it won’t surprise you to hear that I’ve been doing some yoga too.

As hard as it is not seeing our Harehills family, remember that we are always together in spirit. Take one day at a time and stay positive .

Missing you all so much!


Mrs. McMullen x