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Sandhurst 3- Miss Vickerman

Hello Sandhurst 3! 

I am writing to you in week 7 of the lockdown- it is strange that I have not seen you all for 7 weeks and I am still missing you all very much! You might be reading this blog online or in your brand new home-learning pack. If you are reading in the pack, please have a look at the website. Here is the link: There are so many online learning links to explore under the 'families' tab, blogs from your teachers to read and, my personal favourite, the 'Shout-Out' page where you can message your friends and adults from school!

The year 6 team have been in school this week, working hard and putting together more learning packs for you. If we had all still been at school, this week would have been spent revising for your SATs. I know you will not get the chance to do the exams that you worked so hard for this year, but I know you will be determined to keep all that knowledge in your brain by doing some of your learning pack each day. Keep going with a little bit each day and you will keep that brain ticking!!!

I have been doing lots at home to keep myself busy and connected to my friends. I join a weekly quiz with some of the other teachers and Mrs Fleming is the reigning champion! She is undefeated! Mrs Mann comes up with fun questions. This week she made up a quiz round all about numbers and although I didn’t score the highest score, I loved the questions!! You will be pleased to know that I have improved my score slightly over the weeks. 😊

You will not be surprised to hear that Jeremy is still enjoying lockdown life. He did become a little bit lazy last week as the weather wasn’t the best. You know how he feels about the rain and you know how he likes to blame me! Thankfully he is a much better mood this week as the sun is shining once again!!

 Keep safe and I hope to see you very soon!

Love from, Miss Vickerman