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Sandhurst 3- Khadijah takes over!

Hello everyone! 

I hope you are doing well at home. Today it is not Miss Vickerman doing the class blog it is…. Khadijah! I have decided to take over this week. It has been another exciting week here at school. We have done many new activities as well as having our virtual sports day. Have you guys tried joining in? Right now I am in school writing this to you while the class are doing their mosaics, bracelets and doing some educational work on the laptop (not all at once). All of Sandhurst 3 bubble sends their warmest hugs and they wish you were here with them. We can’t believe that we are nearly leaving primary school. Many of us are busy preparing for High school, buying school uniform and equipment.

This week at school we have been finishing of our mosaics, which look incredible, as well as making bracelets for ourselves. You will be pleased to know that we have managed to have virtual sports day with Mr Lockett and all of us have tried our very best. Our highlights of this week are having really long conversations with Miss Vickerman and catching up on some maths. I have started to feel more active going to school because it is better when you have things taught to you rather than teaching yourself new facts or topics. It is really important that we brush up on our learning before high school! We recommend you to try new activities that you have not tried before because who knows they might be your favourite thing to do!

I think you will know that there are a couple of chatter boxes in our class( Mehnaz and Abdul-moez) and they have been chatting our class’s ear off. Miss Vickerman has decided to give them a 5 minute ban for talking. It is amazing to see the work they have completed in silence. We also really enjoy when we get the chance to talk to other teachers around school. Teachers that we have gotten to spoke to or see makes us really happy to see the teacher we don’t commonly see around school. We all enjoyed Mr Kerr’s appearance at our class room door: it was really nice to see him! Another highlight is the amazing online assemblies we have every Thursday. We love that every week we have 3 special guests. This Thursday we will not be attending school because Year 5s have a transition evening/morning with their teacher. We have another day off. We hope you have a nice day at home and hope to see you soon.

Lots of love,

Khadijah x