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Sandhurst 3 - Miss Vickerman

Hello Sandhurst 3!

I hope you are all staying safe and keeping well. It has been a big change for all of us and I have found it is important to keep busy- especially our brains!

In my house, we have found doing exercise in the morning has helped wake us up, keeping our minds healthy as well as our bodies. Have you tried the Joe Wicks workout? He is live on his Body Coach YouTube channel every day at 9am or you can join in any time in the day by watching his videos back. They are excellent exercise videos and fun too! As well as this, we have been going for short daily walks on the local roads near my house. It is important to get some fresh air too. A couple of times I have had to turn back though because Jeremy decided to follow us too! What a silly cat!

I hope you are following your work packs and managing to do some learning each day. Doing something every day will keep your brain working. Remember you can go on the online activities as well as your work books.

Reading books is something I have enjoyed over the last few weeks. I have read two full books. How many books have you read? Reading for pleasure helps your brain too!

In the evenings we have played some board games too and Jeremy has even tried to join in by sitting on the board. You know he likes attention!!

I will send another update next week. I am missing you all!

Miss Vickerman