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Sandhurst 2 - Mr Khan

Hello Sandhurst 2,

It’s Mr Khan here – hope you and your families are all doing well and staying safe.

Time is flying by and it does seem like ages since we last saw each other! As we come to the end of week seven in lockdown, I know that most of you would have got into some sort of routine in keeping yourselves busy at home with a range of activities. This is the first time I’m sending you a blog in your learning packs (thanks to Year 5 for this idea) so if this is the first blog you have read (sorry to those who think I’ve gone mad repeating myself!), then please take the time to look at the school’s website following this link: or simply google Harehills Primary School then click on the pupil voice tab for year group blogs.

The school website is a great way to continue with your learning whilst staying in touch with your friends and teachers! If you’ve not had the chance already, give it a go! We have a range of links to some useful and interesting websites that you may wish to explore on the families tab. There is also new feature which gives you the chance to post a message on the 'Shout-Out' page. It has been lovely to read some of your messages on here to see what you have been up to; whether you have given some spoiler alerts, have been checking in with friends or chatting about making a good cup of chai, it’s been great to hear from you! It’s quite simple to post a message up on here - the instructions have been sent to your parents in the newsletter!

It has been another busy week for all the teachers who have been putting together your third home-learning packs ready for you to use. There are new activities in the packs that will keep you busy including a range of new lessons on your new theme and lots of fun activities too! I totally understand that it can be quite hard to focus on your learning, but you must ensure you structure your day and dedicate some time to schoolwork. Whether you are using the learning packs or the online links, this will prepare you to take on further challenges when we are back at school! If you need help with anything, want to ask a question or share some of your amazing work then please use this email address: . I look forward to seeing some of the great work you have been doing at home!

In my last blog I mentioned how we would have been facing our SATs this term and how at this time at school, we would’ve been working our socks off! Your determination, resilience and drive to succeed is being tested in a different way. With SATs not taking place this year, think about how you could put your energy into other aspects of your education and even beyond where you are facing new challenges and developing life skills. Work hard in everything that you do, keep doing the good things – you’ll be amazing!

I will end my blog with a short spiel of what I have been up to during lock down! Whilst ensuring my family are safe and keeping well, I have undertaken a new set of challenges! I have learnt to master the Uno game – and will challenge you all when we get back! I have of course been keeping fit! Ayaan and I have targeted to do at least 100 skips a day… I must admit, I am struggling now as I’m fasting, though I am tempted to give the workout challenge (in your packs) a go when I’m ready for it! I’ve undertaken some new sports - table tennis and dodgeball are now the coolest things in my household! I have been quite creative – made a few things with Ayaan from recycled material including a volcano as part of his learning - you may remember these when we were in Year 4!

I know things will be and have been different for us all, but always remember to be the best you, you can be! Stay positive, enjoy your time with your family and make sure you are keeping yourself and family safe.

Missing you all and hope to see you soon!

Take care,

Mr Khan