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Sandhurst 2 (Mr Khan)

Hello Sandhurst 2!

We come to the end of yet another week - a week which would normally have marked the end of an extremely busy half term for us in year 6! We would’ve completed our SATs and would probably be winding down to the Spring Bank holiday next week! It’s been great to hear that most of you have persevered with your learning whilst staying safely at home. Remember what I always say: ‘knowledge is power’ - a saying that will serve you well if you continue take on opportunities to learn more and try new things!

It has been a pleasure to hear from some of you on our Shout Out wall or by email. Thank you for keeping in touch! Please send some of your work to us by emailing us on: Ask your parents to help you- you could just send a picture of your work or a greeting to a friend on the shout out wall!

Now, you may have already seen the amazing staff ‘keeping in touch video’ that Ben has put together! Everyone has chipped in and it’s been lovely to see all the staff at Harehills after such a long time! Click here to check it out!

You do know that I like my doodling and a little bit of artwork, so I did spend a little time drawing my Sandhurst 2 poster! Have a go at creating your own! Try using a similar style to this which I created using simple marker techniques and using pencil crayons for a gradient effect. Take a picture and send it in to us; I’ll post it on here for us all to see! Have you spotted your name yet?

It’s been a rather strange week as we come to the end of week 9 in lockdown which also marks the end of Ramadan for some of us. I know it will be rather strange this year but for all of you celebrating, I’ll take this opportunity to wish you an Eid Mubarak! Have a great time but please remember to keep yourself and others safe.

As it is the Spring Bank holiday, make sure you get the chance to have a small break from your work! The new learning pack that you will have received is for you to start in June!

In the meantime, stay positive, be the best you – you can be, enjoy your time with your family and make sure you are keeping yourself and family safe. Missing you all and hope to see you soon!

Mr Khan