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Sandhurst 1!

Hello again Sandhurst1!
You might be reading this blog online or in your brand new home-learning pack. If you are reading in the pack, please have a look at the website. Here is the link:
There are so many online learning links to explore under the 'families' tab, blogs from your teachers to read and, my personal favourite, the 'Shout-Out' page! I absolutely love reading your shout-outs- it makes me happy to hear what you guys are up to and to see you stay connected to your friends.
Some of the other teachers and I have been staying connected by doing a weekly quiz over video chat. Mrs Fleming has been the champion for a few weeks now; (I can't say the same for Miss Berry!). I have been making questions about music for the other teachers and have loved playing along to Mrs Mann's 'Disney round'. I have been swotting up by watching Disney+! 

Last Monday was my birthday! It was a very strange birthday as I wasn't able to visit friends or family but I still had a fabulous day! I was sent a gorgeous bunch of flowers that are still blooming by some of my friends at school and my family and friends created a video to wish me a happy birthday. I'm not usually soppy, but I had a little cry watching it! For those of you who asked about Pawl, he's been extra lazy this week! He even refused to go on a walk the other day. 

I've been sticking to my workout challenge and gave you an A-Z challenge of your own. Try challenging your family members too and see who can do it the quickest.  

It doesn't seem like two minutes since I had a chat with most of you on the phone last week! I loved hearing from you and your families and how you've been during lockdown. The year 6 team have been back in school organising a few things to help with your transition to high school and putting together your third home-learning pack. We have been busy finding loads of activities that link to all subjects in school to keep your brain busy, ready for when we return. The bitesize daily lessons are superb, especially if you're finding it difficult to keep to a timetable. There's a whole bunch of Mayan videos that will help you with your theme learning too! We've also snuck in a couple of extra fun activities for you to have a go at. Please make sure you do some of the pack every day, that way the work won't pile up. If you are struggling with anything, or would like to see something in your pack, please email the year group at and the year 6 team will be able to help.

It seems very strange to think that this week in school we would be in serious SATs-prep-mode! Revision, revision, revision! We might not be tackling our SATs next week but remember that you have to use it or you'll lose it! Tackle the packs and the online learning with the same hard work and dedication that I know you would have shown in school. Make sure you keep staying safe and following the guidelines. The safer we are, the quicker we can hopefully get back together! 

I miss you all and can't wait to see you all again,

Love from Miss Shaw (and Pawl)