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Mr Khan

Hello all!

I hope you are all well and in good health. I am confident that you have been keeping yourself busy with the many things that were suggested to you on my previous blog; I am sure you have acquired some new skills that you are all willing to share with the rest of us when we get back.

Well done to all of those who have been actively using the resources provided and pushing themselves in developing their learning further. Remember what I always say, ‘knowledge is power’ and that everything you learn will help you progress through your educational journey.

As we have moved into the Easter holidays, I’ve been trying to enjoy the time I spend at home whilst learning new things. I have now become an expert (so I think!) at playing a range of games and that includes Uno! I have found other ways to keep myself busy and tried new art techniques using - not just paint, pens and pencils - but random materials to create a collage. Have a go at this yourself! Use paper cut-outs from old magazines, create printing blocks (use random objects that would usually go to the bin) and see if you could create a collage that reflects feelings or a particular time/day that you have enjoyed.

I have of course been keeping fit! Ayaan and I have targeted to do at least 100 skips a day… I know some of you high-jumping, skipping-loving individuals will put me to the test and will better that quite easily!

I know by keeping yourself and family safe, it becomes quite difficult to do all the things that you would like, but you must think creatively: think about the endless amounts of things you could do with just a scrunched-up piece of paper. For example - my favourite: practice your throwing skills by aiming aim for the bin or a bucket! Aim at a target (maybe a set of empty bottles) or challenge a family member to see who could throw it closest to a wall perhaps. Think of your own rules and make it as challenging as you like! Give your game a name and write a set of instructions for the game if you would like!


Our next theme – The Marvellous Mayans.

I know it’s the Easter holidays, but I can understand that some of you are eager to get on with your learning. Our next topic will be ‘The Marvellous Mayans’, so if you would like to get a good start by researching this topic, then here are a few links you may wish to follow.

You could do some research and present it in a way that suits you. Create a booklet or poster perhaps?


For now, stay positive, enjoy your time with your family and make sure you are keeping yourself and family safe. Hope to see you soon!

Take care,

Mr Khan


A little bit of fun!

Riddles of the week

  1. What gets wet the more it dries?

  2. What has a head and a tail but no body?

  3. How many times can you subtract 5 from 25?


Last week’s answers:

  1. A stamp                 2. A candle             3. An egg


A special message from Mrs.McMullen:

Hello everyone!

It goes without saying that we are all missing you very much – seeing your smiling, happy faces and sharing fun times and learning with you. However, I know that your teachers have kept you busy with all the work in your distance learning packs and also with the links and activities they’ve set you on the website or via class blogs.

These are strange times indeed but I know that you will be looking after your family and keeping yourselves safe by staying indoors, apart from getting your fresh air and exercise once a day. I’ve been keeping up with my running (3km most days!) and it won’t surprise you to hear that I’ve been doing some yoga too.

As hard as it is not seeing our Harehills family, remember that we are always together in spirit. Take one day at a time and stay positive 😊.

Missing you all so much!


Mrs. McMullen x